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No matter which brand you choose, you can always count on each remanufactured Alternator, Starter, or Fuel Injector exceeding OEM fit and function.

Our Product Lineup

You can be confident that the all Rotex products are remanufactured to the highest industry standards. Backed by some of the most stringent testing procedures and standards, performed on our proprietary in-house designed and built computerized testers, Rotex products are renowned throughout the industry for their quality and durability.

Rotex Alternators
Our Remanufactured Alternators exceed OE standards because they’re Remanufactured using Advanced Remanufactured Technologies surpassing OEM processes.

Rotex Starters
Our Remanufactured Starters are built with the most extreme climate, and harshest conditions in mind. Whether it be Extreme Cold, Hot, Dirty or Wet, Elite Power Starters have been remanufactured to withstand the test of time.

Python Fuel Injectors
Fuel Injectors
We offer a broad selection of fuel injection products. Enough to be a stand alone line and fill all of your fuel system demands.

Python Fuel Injectors
Hi Flow Fuel Injectors & Hi Amp Alternators
We offer a full line of Import and Domestic High Flow Fuel Injectors and High Amp Alternators.


               About Us
               Rotex was founded in 1974 in Gardena California and more than 45
               years later continues to call Gardena home.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be recognized as a premier remanufacturer of auto parts with the focus on flexibility, dependability, and innovation to ensure the financial stability of our customers, employees, and community.
Rotex is proud to continue remanufacturing all products in the USA while embracing sound technological advances in our production process that protect the environment and eliminate waste.


                Advanced Remanufacturing
                Remanufacturing is a necessity. It first emerged in the
                United States during the Second World War as a resource-efficient
                way to produce and maintain heavy machinery during the war effort.

Advanced Remanufacturing Technology

Our Brands

No matter which brand you choose, you can always count on each remanufactured Alternator, Starter, or Fuel Injector meeting or exceeding OE fit and function, exceptionally low return rates,
award-winning customer support, comprehensive coverage and tools to help you install, troubleshoot, and sell our products.

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