Premium Remanufactured Alternators

Looking for dependability? Rotex remanufactured alternators meet or exceed OE standards because they’re remanufactured using processes similar to the way new alternators are made. Our remanufactured alternators are built with components that are gauged, sorted, tested and renewed to OE quality specifications, and with vital new parts, too. In fact, every component and part must meet strict Rotex standards. Because of this strict adherence to OE-quality, a Rotex premium remanufactured alternator installs quickly and easily, and provides cranking performance you can count on.

Rotex Starters

How Rotex Remanufactures an Alternator

Rotex Starters



  • All threaded and non-threaded mounting holes repaired and resurfaced
  • Internal and external fans straightened or replaced as needed
  • All pulleys are repaired and powder coated or replaced with new
  • Double shield bearings 100% replaced  
  • All rotors and stators are amperage, phase balance, and insulation tested. Matched to insure low and high output ratings
  • Slip rings machined for minimum run-out. New slip rings replaced as needed
  • High capacity diodes and high temperature solder used throughout
  • 100% new brushes, springs and holders
  • Rectifiers are repaired and tested or replaced with new as required
  • New high temp insulators, back up nuts and screws to secure clean and positive wire connections
  • Voltage regulators tested for proper turn-on and cutoff voltage set points

100% Remanufactured Alternators


Demand Reliability – Rotex alternators are designed for customers who demand reliability and performance.  Our alternators are manufactured using 100% new premium parts and are tested to meet or exceed OE standards.


Demand Performance – Faulty units can add costs, risk, time and customer dissatisfaction to the repair job.  Why chance it?  Every  alternator is tested prior to departing the factory. This test ensures the Rotex unit meets or exceeds OE quality specifications.


Demand Form, Fit and Function – Rotex alternators are built to meet OE Form, Fit and Function specifications. 


Demand Service – Our customer service provides customers and installers with the tools to complete the job quickly and efficiently.  We offer services such as specialized catalogs, unit images, next day delivery, technical bulletins, installation and troubleshooting tips and more.